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Current Results 2018
Peterborough Open Meet & Biggleswade
(Added by Liz Taylor on 28/12/2018 at 18:56:16)

Over the weekend 50 swimmers from St Ives participated in the City of Peterborough Winter Swim meet, all swam superbly again with many lifetime best swims, medals and County A and Regional Qualifying times achieved, the following medals were won:

Georgia Newstead: Gold: 400 freestyle
Connie Newstead: Silver: 400 Freestyle
Joshua Marshall: Bronze: 200 Breastroke
Ruby O Dell: Gold: 400 freestyle
Cathy Thomson, Gold: 100 Freestyle
Amy Coleman: Silver: 100 Freestyle
Toby Offord: Silver: 100 Freestyle
Mia Woods: Gold: 50 Backstroke
Cathy Thomson: Silver: 50 Backstroke
Norbert Kadar: Bronze: 50 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Gold: 50 Backstroke
Tom Lucas: Bronze: 200 Butterfly
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: 50 Backstroke Senior Final
Anna Freeman: Gold: 100 Breastroke
Joshua Marshall: Bronze: 100 Breastroke
Toby Offord: Silver: 100 Breastroke
Bryn Chapman Strong: Bronze: 100 Breastroke
Ciara Taylor: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Mia woods: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Cathy Thomson: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Francesca Crocker: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Norbert Kadar: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Oliver Dickson: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Luke Tunstall: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Tom Davis: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Ruby O Dell: Bronze: 200 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Gold: 200 Backstroke
Ciara Taylor: Silver: Juniors 50 Butterfly Final
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: Seniors 50 Butterfly final
Tom Davis: Silver: Seniors 50 Butterfly Final
Oliver Dickson: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Evan Taylor: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Stanley Clark: Bronze: 100 Backstroke
Ciera Norman: Bronze: 100 Backstroke
Mia woods: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Luke Tunstall: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Toby Offord: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Ciara Taylor: Silver: 50 freestyle
Sophie Turner: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Cathy Thomson: Gold: 50 Freestyle
Amy Coleman: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Ciara Taylor: Bronze: Junior 50 Freestyle Final
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: Senior 50 freestyle Final

44 Medals: 8 Gold, 20 Silver and 16 Bronze.

Sian Woods, Roise Stevenson, Tiernan Stevenson, Harper Jackson, Millie Taylor, Maisie Taylor, Georgia Sprawson, Tom Sprawson, Anna Gallagher, Lottie Dodge, Ingrid Flynn, Lottie Flynn, Connor Brookes, Georgia Spencer, Elliot Dickson, William Clarke, Libby Woods, Harvey Woods,William Coleman, Max Lucas, Lydia Boag Kwang and Freddie Clark all swam excellently with many top 6 finishes across the board.

James Quinn also swam at the Biggleswade Open Meet the same weekend winning Golds in the 200 Individual Medley, 50 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle and the 50 Butterfly

A great weekend of swimming by all our athletes now brings a very successful 2018 to a close.

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Final Round Arena National League
(Added by Liz Taylor on 28/12/2018 at 18:53:32)

St Ives Swimming Club competed in the A Final of Divison 1 of the Arena National Swimming league last night at Biggleswade with a heavily depleted team, 15 first choice swimmers down through illness and injury, nontheless other swimmers stepped up to the mark and we brought in reserves to compete and many swam in 1 or 2 age groups up against older competition.

A tough test indeed,  we finished 5th in the competition and 5th in the League overall.

1st Placings were James Quinn in the 15 & Under and Mens Open 100 Breastroke and Janos Kadar in the 11 and Under boys 50 metres Backstroke.

2nd placings were Mens Open Medley Relay Team of Evan Taylor, Quinn, Thomas Davis, and Lucas Dove, Boys 15 & Under Medley Relay Team of Ed Cochrane, Quinn, Harry Everett and Toby Offord.

3rd placings were Girls 13 & Under Medley Relay Team of Millie Taylor, Anna Freeman, Ciara Taylor and Sian Woods, Boys 13 & Under Medley Relay Team of Luke Tunstall, Joshua Marshall, William Coleman and Elliot Dickson. Girls 15 & Under Freestyle Team of Isabel Hemingway Stark, Connie Newstead, Anna Freeman and Charlotte Flynn. Keira Mavin 11 & under 50 Backstroke, Joshua Marshall 13 & Under 100 Breastroke, Toby Offord, 15 & Under 100 Backstroke, Thomas Davis, Open 100 Butterfly, Ciara Taylor, 13 & Under 100 Backstroke, Francesca Crocker Open Womens 100 Backstroke, Thomas Davis Mens Open 100 Backstroke, Keira Mavin, Girls 11 & Under 50 Breastroke, Francesca Crocker Womens Open 100 Freestyle.

A tough night of Competition with Georgia Newstead, Grace Iddon, Anna Desborough, Olivia Brown, Thomas Sprawson, Oliver Dickson, Alfie Reeve, Amy Coleman, Simon Bradford and Freddie Clark all stepping up to the mark and swimming valiantly for the team effort which saw Cambridge as the outright victors in both the final and league, followed by Biggleswade (Bedfordshire), Sherwood Colliery (Nottinghamshire), Dereham (Norfolk) and St Ives. 

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Newmarket Open Meet
(Added by Liz Taylor on 28/12/2018 at 18:49:33)

47 Swimmers competed at the Newmarket Open Meet with excellent results including Medals and lifetime best swims all round, medal winners were:

Ciara Taylor: Silver, 200 Individual Medley, Silver: 100 Individual Medley, Gold: 50 Butterfly, Gold: 100 Freestyle,
Harry Everett, Bronze 200 Breastroke, 100 Breastroke
Mia Woods, Silver: 200 Individual Medley, Bronze: 100 Breastroke
Csanad Rehus, Gold: 50 Butterfly, Gold: 100 Backstroke, Gold: 200 Individual Medley, Gold: 100 Breastroke, Gold: 200 Freestyle, Bronze: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 50 Freestyle
Norbert Kadar: Silver: 50 Butterfly, Silver: 50 freestyle
Janos Kadar,: Bronze: 50 Butterfly, Bronze: 100 Backstroke, Gold: 50 Backstroke, Silver: 200 Backstroke, Bronze: 50 Freestyle
Harvey Woods: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Evan Taylor: Bronze: 50 Butterfly, Bronze: 100 Backstroke, Bronze: 200 Individual Medley, Bronze: 50 Backstroke
Anna Freeman: Silver: 50 Butterfly, Silver: 50 Breastroke, Bronze: 50 freestyle
Oliver Dickson: Bronze: 50 Backstroke
Tom Davis: Gold: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 100 Butterfly
Luke Tunstall: Bronze: 100 Butterfly
Marli Taylor: Silver: 200 Backstroke
Millie Taylor: Bronze: 200 Backstroke
Freddie Clark: Silver: 50 freestyle
Fran Crocker: Bronze: 50 Backstroke, Silver: 100 Butterfly
Cathryn Thomson, Silver: 200 Freestyle
Tessa Quayle: Silver: 50 Breastroke

41 Medals in total from the weekend: 11 Gold: 11 Silver & 19 Bronze and excellent swims from Bryn Chapman Strong, Emily Quayle, Roise Stevenson, Tiernan Stevenson, Grace Ward, lauren Bailey, Hannah Bailey, Libby Woods, Connor Brookes, Keira Mavin, Isabel Sharp, Amelia Dunn, Elliot Dickson, William Coleman, Ingrid Flynn, Imogen Cowburn, Sebastian Cowburn, Leon Damuni, Lydia Boag-Kwang, Alfie Reeve, Ewan Desborough, Anna Desborough, Isabella Marshall, Olivia Brown, Leah Basford, Edward Cochrane, Stanley Clark, William Clark, Barney Edwards, Joshua Bigwood, Many achieving lifetime best swims, County and Regional qualifying times, so soon after the St Ives Club Champs the previous weekend with over 100 swimmers competing.

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ESSA Final 2018
(Added by Liz Taylor on 21/11/2018 at 20:15:14)

Georgia Spencer took part in the ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) Secondary Schools' Team Championships on Saturday 17th November 2018 in London.

She had a excellent swim in the team free relay.  

Overall, the girls team from Georgia's school came 15th in the Medley (2.12.13) and 16th in the Free (1:58:60).  Not a bad result in a national arena.

Well done Georgia, a good demonstration of how SISC swimmers compete outside of the county.

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Arena League Round 2
(Added by Liz Taylor on 21/11/2018 at 20:09:28)

St Ives athletes competed in the second round of the Arena National League 11th November at Wellingborough and in a very close hard fought competition they finished in second place, Biggleswade 196 points, St Ives 172 points, Norwich 169 points, Wellingborough 161 points, guaranteeing St Ives a place in the A Final in December.

First places went to Cathryn Brown, 100 Individual Medley, Boys 13 & Under Medley Team of Joshua Marshall, Luke Tunstall, Thomas Warren and Elliot Dickson, Ladies Open Medley Relay of Fran Crocker, Amy Coleman, Georgia Newstead and Cathryn Brown, Luke Tunstall Boys 13 & Under 100m Butterfly, James Quinn, Mens Open and 15 & Under 100 metres Breastroke,  Anna Freeman Girls 13 & Under 100m Freestyle, Girls 13 & Under Freestyle Relay of Anna Freeman, Olivia Smith, Sian Woods and Ciara Taylor, Girls 15 & Under Medley Relay Team of Alice Turner, Anna Freeman, Ciera Norman, and Georgia Spencer, Boys 15 & Under Medley Relay Team of Toby Offord, James Quinn, Harry Everett, and Edward Bird, Ladies Open Freestyle Relay Team of Fran Crocker, Ciara Taylor, Amy Coleman and Cathryn Thomson.

Great swims with many 2nd places and lifetime bests by Tom Davis, Grace Iddon, Anna Desborough, Olivia Brown, Keira Mavin, Oliver Dickson, Alfie Reeve, Benn Pope, Csanad Rehus, Georgia Spencer, Isabel Hemingway Stark, Charlotte Flynn, Matt Hall, Lucas Dove, Ed Cochrane, Tom Lucas, Elliot Dickson, William Coleman and Freddie Clark contributed to a strong, solid performance to take the runners up slot.

Superb swimming by all athletes over the weekend.
BUCS Champs
(Added by Liz Taylor on 21/11/2018 at 20:06:43)

Senior St Ives Swimmers participated at the British Universities and Colleges Swimming Champs at Sheffield 10th to 11th November.

All swimmers, Sian Barnes, Ellie Roberts, Jazz Dearnley, Ollie Fitt, Pete Todd, Robyn Grant and Jamie Grant, swam fantastically against all UK University athletes with lifetime bests across the board.   One of the aims of St Ives Swimming Club is to prepare swimmers to swim for University Teams when they reach 18 years plus so it is a great testament to their ability to see them perform so well at this high level of competition.

Ollie Fitt came 6th in the 100 backstroke final in a time of 54.62 seconds and he swam 25.25 in the 50m Backstroke final and 24 seconds in the Backstroke leg of the 4 x 50 Medley Relay for Stirling University.

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SISC, Record breaking Regional Winter Championship
(Added by Liz Taylor on 05/11/2018 at 19:48:44)

Eight St Ives Swimmers, performed superbly against the best senior competitors of the 6 Counties in the East Region, at the Swim England East Region Winter Championships at Luton pool over the weekend.

Cathy Brown, 28, ( 1.01 for 100 Freestyle, 2.13 for 200 Freestyle)
Amy Coleman, 17 (31 for 50 Butterfly),
Lottie Flynn, 14 (32 for 50 Butterfly),
Tom Davis, 23 (1.02 for 100 Butterfly),
James Quinn 14,
Georgia Spencer, 14,(29 for 50 Freestyle),
Ciara Taylor, 13, (28 for 50 Freestyle, 1.02 for 100 Freestyle) 
Fran Crocker, 18, (31.80 for 50 Backstroke, 1.08 for 100 backstroke, 2.29 for 200 Backstroke). 

The competition has only Senior qualifying times so many of the under 18's, Quinn, Flynn, Spencer and Taylor were competing against adults and all gave sterling performances throughout the weekend in their events, James Quinn swam 2.29 in the 100 Breastroke, 1.06 in the 100 Breastroke and 29.75 in the 50 metre breastroke to take the Silver Medal at 14 years of age and in the process broke the Regional Record set in 2007 by 2012 Olympic Swimmer Roberto Pavoni which stood previously at 30.00. The Junior Mens records are set at 16 years and under so to smash it at 14 years old by a quarter second was a phenomenal feat and he still has 2 years to better this. An outstanding performance by the young National Ranked athlete particularly taking it from such a prolific swimmer as Pavoni which has stood for 11 years is a true testament to his future potential within the sport, he continually rises to the occasion at every event and swim and maximises his performances at every chance, particularly against older swimmers as he is already the Regional Champion in all 3 breastroke events in his own age group .

A great weekend of competition was had by all and against the Regional Clubs with well over 130, St Ives finished 14th in the final Medal table.

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Robin Hood Meet Sheffield
(Added by Liz Taylor on 23/09/2018 at 17:34:34)

Swimmers had a great weekend in Sheffield last weekend, a great way to start the season even though it was long course!

Cathy Brown was the most successful St Ives swimmer on show when striking gold in her 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle races. She also picked up silver medals in 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke events.

Ciara Taylor also completed a golden hat-trick in 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 100m butterfly races while adding a bronze medals to her collection in the 100m freestyle.

James Quinn did the 50m and 100m breaststroke double while Jaz Dearnley, Fran Crocker and Tom Davis were other St Ives aces to taste glory as part of multiple medal hauls.

Also among the medals were Harper Jackson, Joshua Marshall, Toby Offord, Csanad Rehus, Freddie Clark, Evan Taylor, Anna Freeman and Amy Coleman.

Other St Ives members Sian Woods, Mia Woods, Millie Taylor, Ruby O’Dell and Isabella Marshall performed with great credit in Sheffield.

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Success in different waters
(Added by Liz Taylor on 23/09/2018 at 17:27:14)

Over the summer we had 2 successes for SISC swimmers outside of our normal competitions, which is great to see.

Firstly being the Bradford Family, Simon, Nicole and Jordan all did fantastically well with the youngsters taking Gold and Silver medals in the austere open water swimming conditions, absolutely nothing like a relatively warm pool. An excellent performance by a very strong swimming family, representing the club. 

We are also proud of Ed Cochrane who competed in the National Aquathlon Championships, finishing 8th (800m lake swim and 5k run).  He also competed in his first adult triathlon and came 3rd over all and 2nd in age group. (15-19yr).

A great example where SISC swimmers use their training in other disciplines.

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St Ives Medals at British Summer National Swimming
(Added by Liz Taylor on 26/07/2018 at 19:48:11)

James Quinn and Ollie Fitt, made SISC proud, both medalled at the British Champs on Wednesday.

James won Silver in the 14 years boys 50 metres breastroke in a time of 30.64 seconds.

Ollie Fittwon Bronze in the Mens Open 100 metres Backstroke in a time of 56.07 seconds.

Both swimmers had participated on Tuesday, James in the 100 metres Breastroke and Ollie in the 50 metres Backstroke, both made the finals and both finished in 7th place from the last top 10 in the finals.

Bethan Endicott swam in her first ever British Championships, in the 50 metres Butterfly on competing in the 13 and 14 years age group, she swam an excellent race and finished in 29.93 seconds. Great preparation for her when she swims the 100 Butterfly at the English National Championships next week again at Sheffield along with her Club Team mate Ciara Taylor who is swimming the 50 meters Butterfly at the same competition.

Francesca Crocker will also be competing in the 100 metres and 50 metres backstroke in Swanseathe same week at the Welsh National Swimming Championships.

A great fortnight of Swimming for St Ives athletes following hard on the heels of a very successful Club Championships on 22 July where many new lifetime best and County A qualifying times for swimmers were achieved, with over 100 participants it was a long but extremely productive day bringing to,a conclusion an extremely successful season for the club from County Championships, Germany International Competition, Open Meets, friendly Galas, Junior Competitions,Regional Champs Success through to National success on the big stage.

 Across the age and ability ranges within theclub the next generation of athletes are developing superbly which is great forthe club, town and district. Excellent commitment from all involvedcontributing to the exponential growth of our Club and athletes as we preparefor the winter season.

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Regional Championships
(Added by Liz Taylor on 29/05/2018 at 14:52:11)

James, Ciara, Bethan and Olivia who along with Luke, Lottie and Georgia all swam superbly at Luton over the weekend with James winning the treble 50, 100 and 200 breastroke in 30.81, 1.09 and 2.34 respectively, Bethan  won the 50 butterfly in 29 seconds and took silver in the 100 butterfly in 1.07 and Ciara took bronze in the 50 butterfly.

Many of the swimmers made finals and all swam superbly.

A superb weekend of swimming all around with excellent results from all

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Fenland Open Meet 2018
(Added by Liz Taylor on 29/05/2018 at 14:48:09)

We had 52 swimmers at the Fenland meet- some swimming in their first open meet.
Some good pbs from majority of swimmers and all a pleasure to be poolside with.

A good stack of medals

Evan 4 gold, 1 silver
Amy 2 gold, 2 silver
Tom D 2 gold
Luke 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze
Charlie 2 gold, 1 silver 1 bronze
Leon 1 gold, 1 silver
Mia 2 silver, 1 bronze
1 gold Jordan,
1 silver for Janos, Katie
1 bronze for Norbert, Connor, Georgia, Isabelle H-S, Elliot, Tom S, Rose

Evan won top 16 year old boy and Leon won top 15 year old boy

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Level 1 Open Meet at Luton 14-15 April
(Added by Liz Taylor on 17/04/2018 at 07:24:37)

St Ives Swimmers continued their medal winning ways at the Luton 50 metre pool at the weekend with a small contingent of 13 athletes participating, for many their 5th continuous weekend of competitive swimming.

Bethan Endicott won Gold in the 50 metres and 100 Metres Butterfly, Silver in the 100 metres Backstroke and Bronze in the 200 metres butterfly.

James Quinn won Gold in the 50 metres and 100 Metres Breastroke and Silver in the 200 metres Breastroke.

Janos Kadar won Silver in the 200 metres Backstroke

Ciara Taylor won Bronze in the 100 metres freestyle

Luke Tunstall, Lottie Flynn, Alice Turner, Toby Offord, Georgia Spencer, Cathy Thomson, Tom Davis, Evan Taylor and Fran Crocker all swam superby gaining lifetime best times, finishing in the top 6 and achieving Regional Swimming Championships Qualifying times. Great results for the club all around after a demanding season so far of competitive swimming.

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COPS Mini Meet
(Added by Liz Taylor on 05/04/2018 at 20:41:15)

A novice team of swimmers from the Club participated in the Peterborough Mini Meet at the same weekend with many swimmers taking part in their first competition at this Novice swimmer gala, Norbert Kadar, Rosie Brooke, Anna Gallagher, Max Lucas, Oliver Dickson, Adam Wallis, Iris Allen, Isabella Marshall, Harrison Greenwood, Max Hearn, Olivia Kelly, Benn Pope, Alfie Everett, all competed superbly with many of the swimmers going through the cut off times, which means that they were too fast for the event and don't gain points for that race. The 13 swimmers swam superbly in a valuable first competition for the majority. An excellent weekends of swimming.
Norwich Level 1 Swimming Competition
(Added by Liz Taylor on 05/04/2018 at 20:04:29)

14 swimmers participated in total from St Ives: 

Elliot Dickson, Tiernan Stevenson, Issy Hemingway Stark, Cathy Thomson, Bethan Endicott, Olivia Smith, Evan Taylor, James Quinn, Toby Offord, Janos Kadar, Ciara Taylor, Georgia Spencer, Amy Coleman and Lottie Flynn all competed superbly with many making finals and achieving Regional Qualifying times for the Regional Championships in May.

Janos Kadar: 3 Golds, 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke and 100 Backstroke

James Quinn: 2 Golds: 50 & 100 Breastroke and 1st place in both in 14 years and Under Finals, 1 Silver: 200 Breastroke

Bethan Endicott: Gold: 50 Butterfly and 1st Place in 14 & Under Final, Bronze: 100 Butterfly, 2nd Place in 14 & Under Final

Olivia Smith: Bronze: 100 Breastroke.

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Sparkassen cup International swimming Competition
(Added by Liz Taylor on 19/03/2018 at 20:42:05)

A successful weekend in Germany where St Ives Swimming Club took 25 Swimmers to the Sparkassen Cup, International Swim Meet in Hamm Germany.

 Out of 38 competing teams and 3300 swimmers entries at the 50 metre Olympic facility we finished 12th 

James Quinn won top Junior Boy(14 years) and Ciara Taylor won Top Junior Girl(13 years).

All the swimmers swan superbly representing the District, County, Region and we were the only British Club competing at this event which saw teams from Germany (Many), Ireland, Romania, Russia and the Netherlands in the competition. We won 22 Medals,

James Quinn Gold: 100 Breastroke in age Group and Bronze in Open age Group, Gold in 50 Breastroke and Bronze in the 200 metres Individual Medley and Bronze in the 50 Butterfly

Ciara Taylor: Silver: 100 Breastroke, Gold: 100 Freestyle, Gold: 50 Freestyle, Gold: 200 Individual Medley, Gold: 50 Butterfly, Gold: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 50 Freestyle

Luke Tunstall: Bronze: 400 Individual Medley, Bronze: 50 Butterfly

Bethan Endicott: Silver: 200 Individual Medley, Silver: 50 Butterfly, Bronze: 200 Butterfly

Lizzy Ella: Silver: 400 Individual Medley

Georgia Newstead: Gold: 200 Indivdual Medley

Ewan Desborough: Silver: 400 Individual Medley

Janos Kadar: Gold: 100 freestyle, Silver: 50 Backstroke

10 Golds
6 Silvers
6 Bronze
22 Total

Tiernan Stevenson, Sian Woods, Mia Woods, Connie Newstead, Lucy Ella, Toby Offord, Harper Jackson, Mike Lardner, Georgia Spencer, Alice Turner, Sophie Turner, Elliot Dickson, Harry Everett, Issy Hemingway Stark, Ciera Norman, Tom Lucas, Lottie Dodge, all swam exception all well with a host of lifetime best swim times and top 10 finishes.

Glen Stevenson and Component Recovery Solutions (CRS) sponsored the Kit for St Ives Swimming Club and their support was greatly appreciated by all the swimmers who swam excellently at this European competition. A great achievement for all athletes and the Club.

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Cambridgeshire County Champs
(Added by Liz Taylor on 03/03/2018 at 15:40:43)

Well done to all SISC Swimmers at County Champs

Ciara Taylor won the top 13 year old in the County Championships and Cathy Thomson(27) won the Top Ladies 

On the final weekend we competed in the the 50 Freestyle, 100 Individual Medley and Relays on Saturday 24 February 2018.

The Final Medal Tally stands at:

Gold: 21

Silver: 22

Bronze: 20

Total: 63

Which has St Ives finishing 3rd in the Medals Table behind City of Cambridge and City of Peterborough, 8 of the medals came in the Relay Competition, 1 Gold (Mixed Open Freestyle Relay of Andy Weatheritt, Ollie Fitt, Fran Crocker and Cathy Thomson), 1 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals, where St Ives finished comfortably 3rd again behind the big two City Teams:

1st: Cambridge: 163 Points

2nd: Peterborough: 155 Points

3rd: St Ives: 116 Points

4th: Ely: 84 Points

5th: March Marlins: 82 Points
6th: Wisbech: 78 Points
7th: Huntingdon: 56 Points
8th: First Strokes Godmanchester: 50 Points
9th: Bottisham: 47 Points

A great weekend of swimming culminating in a fast and Furious relay competition where all the swimmers gave one hundred percent and achieved superb results.

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