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(Added by Andy Fitt on 18/07/2012 at 23:43:56)

Ever wondered about your training? Why we train and how we train, when we train. Hopefully you'll say "Yes!"
Swimming fast when you're young is great,
Swimming even faster as you get older is better still!
Yet sometimes this does not happen. Why? Well, no one is really sure why some swimmers plateau. Plateauing is something everyone goes through as they are growing, but usually it can be measured in weeks or months. For some, it 's measured in years.
Read the attached and get an insight to why we train as we do at St Ives - training smarter not longer gives you the best chance to achieve long term swimming success and better for you as a person and your body.
And with our approach, if you miss some sessions, it's absorbed (young people need a life outside the pool as well and the opportunity to do other sports).
If you want to know more or have any questions, ask Andy H!

Beating a Performance Plateau
Uploaded by Andy Fitt (File size: 40.49KB)
Swimming Plateau
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