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Can't open downloaded files?
(Added by WebMaster on 28/11/2011 at 15:40:58)

Download the following free tools to view Word, PDF and Excel files.

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Word viewer
PDF viewer
Excel viewer
Upload a movie
(Added by WebMaster on 18/10/2011 at 08:46:05)

The site will now accept movies as well as pictures. Movies must be converted to Flash Video (FLV) files. The uploader will only accept this type of file. All movie formats can be converted to FLV using a simple, free tool. Download from the link below.

Please contact Webmaster is you have any questions!

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Win FF - free Flash Movie Converter
How to create a new Story
(Added by WebMaster on 01/03/2011 at 15:29:58)

This information is relevant to Site administrators
  • Go to the home page and locate Login at the top right corner
  • Enter user ID and password issued
  • Choose Info, News, Results & Times or Flounders
  • Click New Story
  • Choose Story Type
  • Give your story a title (this is required) and enter the description. You can enter as much text as you like in the description. Use the editor to add colour or formatting
  • Enter up to 3 web links. You must give the link a name and a URL for it to be displayed
  • Choose Start and End dates for the story to run, using the calendars. You can create a story to start in the future
  • Click whether you want the Story will be included on the News Ticker on the main page. The ticker will display up to 500 characters of a story formatted, or if there are more than 500 characters, the first 500 with formatting removed
  • If you want your story to automatically delete when it expires, click Auto Delete
  • Click OK to save
  • Story will save and then open in Edit mode. You can now add Documents, Pictures or Movies. See next help topic
Amend an existing Story
(Added by WebMaster on 01/03/2011 at 15:29:26)

This information is relevant to Site administrators

To change an existing story:

  • Login (see Create New Story)
  • Choose the relevant section of the story to edit by clicking on the panel heading:

To add a new Document:

  • Click Documents then New Document
  • Give the document a title. This is the title that will be displayed people viewing the site when viewing documents. The document file name is not used (these can be long and confusing)
  • Add a description if required
  • Choose the document from you file system - click Browse and locate the document
  • If you want to prevent download of the document without knowlege of the SISC document password, click Only allow document to be opened when password is known
  • Click OK. Document will upload!

Note: please be aware of file sizes when uploading. The phyical limit set by the web server for document upload is 10MB. Anything over about 5MB is getting pretty large to be posting over the net! Most PDF files are very small.

  • Uploading an image or movie is almost identical. You are limited to GIF, JPG and PNG files for images and FLV files when uploading movies
  • You cannot pasword protect an image
  • Clicking Display this picture on the main pictures slide show will allow the image to be displayed in the main Pictures section of the site, as well as within the relevant Story
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